Felicity Smoak in The Flash 1.04 “Going Rogue” (x)


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what barry does vs. what he thinks [insp]


I think this scene is really powerful. Felicity in her grief and pain does something that isn’t necessarily logical in the eyes of others, but what “feels right” in hers. A Jewish custom. Something she learned or experienced in her childhood maybe? A custom she has maybe performed before? Whatever it is she feels she must do it for Sara.  As she throws the dirt, the others don’t understand. But this is her way. Oliver, is the only one to pick up the dirt and do the same. I think this says a lot about how much he respects her. He is no clue what this custom means or entails, but he trusts her completely, so he throws the dirt. It’s his way of telling her I trust you and you are not alone in this. I am with you. 

In a way I also think this is his way of mourning and letting her know he does care and he is in pain. Only Felicity can understand why he threw the dirt. A sort of mutual understanding that they are not alone in this.

OKAY. I’m going to come in and say a few things about why this is wrong on SO MANY LEVELS.  I’m even going to use lists.  Because lists are nice and pretty and we’re nice people, aren’t we?  We wouldn’t do things like exoticize other people’s religions to prop our pairing, would we?  Oh wait, what am I talking about.  That’s what happened here.  

One) The custom of throwing dirt on a loved one’s grave?  That is not an uncommon custom; it does not need to be ‘logical’ in the eyes of the others because wow, an important tradition that is observed at EVERY Jewish funeral, the same as sitting Shivah and the performance of Kriah.  To speculate on how unique it is that she feels she must do it for Sara is, in a way, to dehumanize the Jewish religion and prop it as something ‘other,’ something strange and unique Felicity is doing for Sara that no one may understand - it is odd and foreign and exotic.  

Two)  Oliver throwing the dirt alongside Felicity.  That is ALSO not a sign of Oliver ‘trusting’ Felicity because why would he need to trust her?  Is a Jewish custom inherently ‘untrustworthy’?  Is it dirty, strange, again, foreign and exotic and completely incomprehensible to the people around Felicity?  

It is a custom meant as a sign of the family helping to bury the dead.  It is an important part of a Jewish funeral, an essential part; it is not something anyone needs to UNDERSTAND, anymore than mass cards at a Catholic funeral or scripture reading at a Protestant funeral need to be translated in order to be understood as a part of the mourning process.  

C)  To take that important act - that custom - and reduce it to a means of communication between Oliver and Felicity takes away from the importance of the act itself.  It makes it a sign from Oliver that he understands Felicity’s grief, a sign that Felicity is the only one capable of understanding the use of her religion in such a way - even though Oliver is certainly not Jewish and would be no more familiar with Jewish customs than anyone else there.  It makes an important Jewish custom a strange, illogical act by Felicity - something different, something foreign, something strange - and something that Oliver can than use to ‘relate’ to her.  

It is more than that.  Much, much more.  

It is a sign of grieving.  It is a sign of respect for the dead.  

And it sure as hell is not meant to be taken out of context and reduced to a connection between a ship.   

i have never raged so hard beforeolicitycw arrowdo not i repeat DO NOT take this moment and use it as a shipping moment if you are not going to actually consider the religious aspectsmy religion is an important aspect of felicity’s characterand is not a prop to exoticize and romanticejust so you can feel better about your ship doing things togetheri respect olicity more than thati respect fandom more than thatso respect judaism more than that (via mystarsandmyocean)

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If you’re so far gone and so irredeemable, then why would they know you by such a beautiful name

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Both Iris and Barry look like someone thought “we need to create the two cutest and most adorable human beings ever and have them stare at each other a lot” and then that’s how they were born.


you’re posting this gif and saying, iris is written so helplessly, so passive, such a damsel, but i look at this gif and all i see is


IRIS: baby get down you’re too tall, they can see you towering over everyone
BARRY: baby let me wrap my arm around you, you’re so delicate, i want to fold you up in my cartoonish gigantic-ness
IRIS: baby get close to me so i can keep you safe nestled tenderly against me ps check out how nicely my head fits to your shoulder
BARRY: i checked it out
IRIS: baby
BARRY: baby

barry allen + smiling


tv show vs comics: asking nicely to pull over